112 Ways to Succeed in Any Negotiation or Mediation

"Mehta's 112 Ways to Succeed is one of the best negotiating books you do not want to leave home without.  It is filled with practical negotiation tips, tricks and strategies to get what you want in today's multi-cultural complex world.  This book is a navigation guide for anyone who wants to improve their negotiation skills, based on solid research and supported  by his personal  experiences as a lawyer and mediator that illustrate each point.  Mehta's clarity and insight make this book a welcome addition to the negotiator's toolbox."


 - Myer J. Sankary, Esq., President, Southern California Mediation Association


"Whether you like it or not, life is a negotiation. Show me someone who can't stand negotiating and I'll show you someone who is always losing at them.  Mehta's book is the antidote to that. Buy it, read it and use it to make your life better. And that advice is not negotiable."


- Mark Goulston, Author JUST LISTEN! Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone


"112 Ways to Succeed in Any Negotiation or Mediation is full of new approaches, innovations and insights, cover-to-cover. The advice is practical, easy-to-implement, and sensible. I saw immediate results in the success rate and ease of my negotiations as soon as I read the book and started implementing just a few of the techniques Mr. Mehta suggests. A "must-read" for all lawyers and business people interested in increasing the bottom line."


- Lisa Miller, Chair, Solo and Small Firm Section,  State Bar of California and Founder of Miller Consulting


"A very talented mediator himself, Steve has an incredible ability to take the very complex world of negotiation that we teach to professional mediators and make it digestible and relevant for every business executive."


- Lee Jay Berman, President, American Institute of Mediation, Adjunct Professor, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine School of Law


"Steve Mehta has taken a complex, multi-disciplinary approach to negotiation and has simplified it into component parts so that any person interested in the subject can understand."

- Jeffrey Krivis, Mediator and Author of "Improvisational Negotiation -  A Mediator's Stories of Conflict About Love, Money, Anger and the Strategies To Resolve Them"


 "112 Ways...should be a part of any successful supervisor's human resource "survival kit."  I found the chapter on negotiating styles to be particularly helpful in illustrating how we all play roles toward improving the communication process which can get the parties willing to compromise."


- Marc Herrera, Vice President,  Skilled Nursing Administration and Risk Management, Southern California Presbyterian Homes


"Mehta deftly blends his personal experiences, with compelling historical cases, and respected experimental research.  He displays sensitivity to and illuminates the hidden and unconscious elements of negotiation."

 - Don Brownlee, Prof. of Communication Studies,  California State University Northridge



"A terrific book which lays out numerous straightforward and practical strategies for successful negotiators.  Mehta's work combines social science, real world experience and negotiation insights that will give you an extra edge in your future negotiations."


- Gig Kyriacou, Mediator


"Steve Mehta does an excellent job analyzing the psychologically complex and fascinating subject of negotiation.  His anecdotal discussions drawing from his extensive experience as a trial lawyer and mediator make this book an interesting read. Steve provides practical approaches to negotiation that will benefit practitioners and lay people alike."

- Steve Cerveris, Mediator at Cerveris Mediation

"This thought provoking primer provides many interesting examples of negotiation's central importance in our lives.   Thankfully, it is an easy read; simplifying an otherwise obtuse topic for everyone looking for that special edge."


- Mike Townsend, Vice President, Marketing, Southern California Presbyterian Homes


"Effective negotiation and mediation skills are essential in many walks of life.  A key element in developing and improving such skills is the confidence that is gained from experience.  Steve Mehta shares with us in this book his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject.  Both professional advisors and public representatives alike will find Mehta's book an invaluable tool when negotiating or mediating between parties who have, at the outset, seemingly intractable differences — and who are relying on their advisors or representatives to guide them towards a successful resolution."


- Councillor Jonathan Findlay, LLB (Hons) Dip. LP, NP — Cabinet Member for Education, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow, Scotland


"Mr. Mehta's book is an indispensable resource that belongs in every negotiator's toolbox.  He clearly and succinctly describes every facet of negotiation -- from strategy and tactics to emotions and culture — to help you become a master negotiator."


- Eleanor Barr, Esq., Mediator at ADR Services, Inc


"Even though we do it, many times each and every day, most of us dislike the whole negotiation process,  What Steve Mehta accomplishes in this book is to ease the reader thru all types of negotiations, from understanding the needs of all parties, and then developing strategies to maximize outcomes that are meaningful and sustainable.  Adopting the steps contained in this book will give the reader a greater sense of successful problem solving, whether it be at home, in the market or in the boardroom."


- Cliff Hendler, President, Dispute Resolution Services LP, Toronto, Canada and Co-Founder of the International Academy of Mediators



"In a very practical way, Mr. Mehta outlines all the necessary steps to succeed in any negotiation from planning to executing while considering the emotional and communicative factors. Every day consumers to litigation attorneys will benefit from this well written guide by this experienced and successful mediator"


- Rosemarie Chiusano Drohan, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Judicate West



"The book lays out some very good precepts regarding how best to go about the process of negotiating with another party.  While it may seem obvious, there are, in fact, basic ways to go about the process of negotiating.  My one important take-away is that one needs to be very deliberate about how you negotiate and what you want to get from the negotiating process."


-Gregory D. Bearce, MBA, MAG, MDiv,Vice President, Operations, The Episcopal Home Communities


"For this edition of The Peacemaker's Bookshelf, I have chosen 112 Ways to Succeed in any Negotiation or Mediation by Steve Mehta. Steve is a colleague of mine in the International Academy of Mediators and a well-respected Southern California mediator.

Steve's book is a series of short essays, 112 of them, about negotiation. What makes this book so useful is that it breaks the negotiation process down into bite-size nuggets. The book starts with with the common sense idea that you have to become aware of when a negotiation will occur. In other words, being a good negotiator starts with knowing the situations in which negotiation will be necessary. Steve is big on preparation and gives us 18 different essays on the importance of getting ready for a negotiation. As he notes, studies show that prepared negotiators excel in results compared to unprepared negotiators. One of the hallmarks of a skilled negotiator is the degree of preparation before the negotiation. Steve also reminds us that negotiation is about relationships. Part of preparing is gaining as much understanding and knowledge about the relationship you have with the other person as you can.

So often people are frustrated by negotiation because they are not getting what they are wishing for. Steve tells those people to grow up and get real. Great negotiators find out what the other person needs and figures out how to fill that need.  My wishes will not fill your needs.

Step by step Steve takes us through the nuts and bolts of solving problems through various types of negotiations. His book is filled with examples and stories illustrating his points. As a professional, full-time mediator, Steve has seen it all and his experience comes through for us in this delightful, easy-to-read book. If you are new to negotiation, this is a great start. If you are an experienced negotiator, or think you are, this book will have some gems for you to think about."

- Doug Noll, Host of The Doug Noll Radio Show, wsRadio.com, Attorney, Mediator